About Us

Nu Bloom Botanicals started in the hills of Malibu, California with the idea that healthy living and wellness is the core to a happy life. Our sprays and lotions use our ‘Nano’ hemp extract, which is broken down to a molecular level in a water-based formula, allowing a higher bioavailability (how fast it’s absorbed and how much your body can use). 

We combine that highly effective hemp with targeted ingredients and traditional botanicals to support common wellness needs: daily balance and energy, sleeplessness, muscle relief and soreness, common PMS discomfort, and playful intimacy elevation.We use 100% organic hemp grown in the US, combined with top quality ingredients and essential oils. Our products are ethically sourced, contain no pesticides, yeast, mold, heavy metals or toxins.

Our Farm

oregon hemp farm

We source our organic hemp from a vegan (EFU) Exclusive Farm Use 80-acre family owned farm located in the in Washington County, Oregon. The farm uses zero pesticides in the growth and production of its plant material with sustainable practices. Using a filtered drip water system for each plant, the soil is graded A-1 by Washington County. Since 2010, our crops have consistently tested free of pesticides and heavy metals. Soil tests are taken at 6-week intervals during the duration of the growth cycle, at 1-to 12 inch depths and prior to planting each season.



We use our own FDA-registered lab facility with full QA and a state-of-the-art ISO-certified clean room, where we perform product formulation, manufacturing, product packaging and fulfillment. We are GMP compliant and have a bio-based Ph.D. chemist on staff. Our lab is located in Santa Ana, California.

Quality Control

To ensure quality and safety, we test our products for::

  • Elemental analysis
  • Tests for heavy metals
  • Microbiology tests for contaminants (yeast and mold)*
  • Terpenes profiles
  • Tests for pathogens, toxins, pesticides

*Nu Bloom Botanical's products are all lab certified as shelf stable (free of contaminants) for 1-3 years depending on product sku.

Our Method:

  • Water-Based Broad Spectrum Oil and Isolate Nanotechnology:
    Our exclusive water-based formula, used in our hemp sprays and topicals, breaks the broad spectrum hemp oil down to a molecular level, which allows for higher bioavailability (body absorption rate), and accelerates effect.
  • Exclusive Microbatching Process:
    For best quality control, we use a microbatch technology.  Rather than making large amounts at one time, "microbatching" means that we make our products in small batches, this allows for stricter quality control, and ensures that the hemp oil does not have time, once extracted, to be degraded by outside elements.